Sunday, 15 November 2009

Tips On How To Win Back Lost Love

To win back lost love is not at all natural for everyone and it's no wonder because it's not something most of us have any real understanding of how to successfully do. However, if you want to get back with someone who you're still in love with, then it is something you're going to have to understand and implement.

Once your ex has left the relationship and you know you want them back, it's time to start sorting out your head in order to get them back. No doubt there has been drama and emotional turmoil in the run up to the breakup and during the actual breakup. If you're going to win back lost love you're going to need to sort yourself out and do so on your own.

It is vital that you do not involve your ex as you attempt to clear your mind, because you need space and distance from your ex and they from you. So, if you are still in any form of contact with your ex then break off that contact now. Contact will only make you vulnerable. If you're vulnerable then you become someone whose ability to make rational and calm decisions becomes impaired. Get out from under your ex and stand on your own two feet until you can honestly say that you are through the worst of the initial breakup.

Equally, do your best to avoid spending too much time on your own. Because as much as you need to be away from your ex, you also need to have people around you. Spending too much time on your own brings a real risk of you becoming depressed and low. You might also find that if you're on your own too much, then you can struggle with the temptation to call or try to see your ex. So find your friends. If you need to make new friends, then do so. Do anything to avoid being home alone night after night.

To win back lost love make sure that you are clear about the mistakes that were made in the relationship by you. Yes your ex no doubt made their fair share of mistakes, but for now your concern is your own behavior since that is the only thing you can realistically control and affect.
Come to terms with your weaknesses and make sure that if you need to do some work on yourself that you put in place the right mechanisms to do so. That may involve discussing your situation with a professional or it might mean changing the way that you cope with certain situations.

Whatever you need to do to win back lost love, if you are serious, then you need to get on and do it before it's too late.

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