Tuesday, 21 July 2009

How To Stop A Divorce And Save Your Marriage

So she left you and now you are trying to figure out how to stop a divorce. The problem is that may not be the right thing for you. You have to look at both sides of it and see if it is worth going through all the pain of having to break up again. There is no doubt that in asking “How I can save my marriage?” that you are really opening not only yourself but her up for what can be lots of emotional problems and may get you nothing more than more heartbreak.

What you are going to do is make two lists. One list is going to be reasons that you should try to find out how to save your marriage. The other list will be reasons you shouldn't put yourself through that.

On the list of ideas about saving your marriage you will inventory all the reasons that it is her that you need. You will try to find out exactly why it is that your life is better off with her. Look for the big things that are the most obvious and also the small things.

On the list against, really search hard to find out why it shouldn't be that you are together. What does she bring out in you? Is it good or bad? Pay close attention to both lists and be honest with the answers.

If you have decided beyond all doubt that you should be together then comes how you are going to go about telling her and convincing her. You may be totally convinced that the two of you are perfect together but until she is it doesn't matter.

The best thing is going to be seeing her face to face and trying to work things out. If you have been able to remain friendly then she may be willing to do that and to give you a fair hearing. What is really going to help this is if you are able to keep that friendly relationship there. If she isn't willing to see you or talk to you then there is nothing you can do when you are serious about saving your marriage.

The tough thing about all of this is that if she is unwavering in her desire to not have anything to do with you there is nothing that you can do. You can sit in a holding pattern for a while but that doesn't do you a lot of good. You need to be able to admit it when things aren't going to workout and then move on with your life. Just because she has decided that she no longer wants anything to do with you doesn't mean that you deserve that. Obviously she is ready for that new beginning and that is something that you should be as well.

The question, “Can I stop a divorce and save my marriage?” may be a tough one to deal with but don't let that answer dictate your life. Rise above it.

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