Saturday, 18 July 2009

Why Is My Girlfriend Breaking Up With Me? - Three Major Reasons

Having your girlfriend breaking up with you is one of the most painful thing that there is to have happen when you are a young man. It doesn't get any easier as you get older. The pain feels a bit different when you are young and your way of handling it for sure is different but ultimately it's all the same. If you are going through a heartbreak like this and are upset that “my girlfriend is breaking up with me” the answer is going to be one of three things, it's you, it's her, or it's someone else.

It's You

Honestly, there may just be somethings about you that drive her nuts and not in a good way. What is it? What do you do that would cause her to want to leave you? Most likely it is something that you know full well about. It could be something that you don't think is a big deal that might actually be kind of fun but that bothers her in a big way. Whatever it is that bothers her, stop it. You have to decide what is more important. If it is something that you have a problem with or that she things you have a problem with, give her the courtesy of at least getting it checked out. Try to make a concerted effort to get it handled.

It's Her

She may be going through something that is just driving the two of you apart. There are many reasons for this. The best thing that you can do is to try and keep things as normal as possible. While she is sorting things out, she needs a little bit of space. Don't pretend that there is nothing wrong but also make an issue of it. It may be that you do have to let her go. If she comes back, be healthy. If she doesn't come back then respect her decision. It may be a temporary situation so don't give up faith while you are worrying about “my girlfriend breaking up with me.”

It's Someone Else

It's sad but there are times when someone else comes into the picture and is often the reason for girlfriend breaking up. There is really nothing that you can do about it to change things. You can't force someone to change their minds again. You don't have to like it but don't make the situation worse by acting out on any feelings of violence. If you are able to show restraint then you will show that maybe she is making a mistake. Truth is, though, if she can't stay faithful to you then she probably can't to anyone else. In that case, you don't need her and you're better off without her.

There are some other things that are reasons why girlfriend breaking up happens but usually it falls under one of these three. While it may be incredibly difficult to go through this, you can come out the other side stronger. This will be great at helping build confidence. What will always help you is making sure that you have the right perspective when girlfriend breaking up with you happens.

Are you in pain and confused? There is a hope...

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