Friday, 1 January 2010

Scorpio Relationship: Watch That Stinger

If you’re in a Scorpio relationship, you may be a very brave soul! Scorpios are wonderful companions, and are fiercely loyal. But when things go wrong, the other person in a Scorpio relationship can end up feeling a bit stung.

Scorpios are take charge kind of people, who like being in charge and controlling the relationship. That doesn’t mean you should give in on everything. But it helps if you understand their nature is to automatically try to lead the way in almost every situation.

When you feel the need to take charge, simply express yourself and you’ll win your Scorpio’s respect and admiration for standing up for yourself. Scorpios appreciate determination and moxie in a partner, because those are things Scorpios have no shortage of.

It may help to understand your partner by knowing that Scorpios relish a challenge. Playing a little hard to get at times might be just the thing. But don’t play too hard to get, because if it seems you’re truly not interested, your partner will lose interest, too.

It’s one thing to win someone over, but to drag them clawing and kicking is another. A Scorpio loves to convince other people that their opinion is right, but by diplomatic means rather than aggressive ones. So keep it interesting by asserting yourself and not giving in, but if you resist too many things too much, the Scorpio relationship might get a little too heated.

Scorpios can be wonderful and generous partners. And sometimes they have very slow tempers that can take a lot. But when this sun sign does finally get angry, watch out! It’s not going to be pretty. Even if the Scorpio doesn’t actually show his or her temper, they’re seething beneath the surface.

Unfortunately for many relationships, people born under this sign can hold a grudge forever. If you mess up, don’t expect to be instantly forgiven. In fact, the thing you did wrong might be brought up in every argument for years to come. Some Scorpios are obviously better at forgiveness than others. But if not, it’s hard to get them to forget something you did wrong.

Sometimes, Scorpios tend to think you can read their minds. Or more accurately, they think you should be able to read minds. If you’ve broken up and are back in your Scorpio relationship trying to make it work, you need to remember this tendency.

If your partner is in a huff, angry, short-tempered or otherwise acting poorly, it could be that you haven’t figured something out they want you to figure out. This can be a frustrating Scorpio tendency, because even if you ask what’s wrong you might get only, “How can you not know?”

The key to making this work is to explain that you really need them to tell you. Why you didn’t pick up on the problem doesn’t matter, though you should be on the look out for problems, of course. But if they’re not willing to tell you what they need, it’s very hard to make a Scorpio relationship work.

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