Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What Else Can I Do To Save My Marriage?

If you're looking around wondering “what can I do to save my marriage” then you're no doubt in a dire situation as your marriage has hit rocky ground.

Without a doubt there needs to be a period of reflection before you can launch into a plan to answer your search, “what can I do to save my marriage?” Failure to stop and think and map out a plan means that you might very well end up going down dead ends and around and around in circles. So reflect and get a plan.

If you haven't already done so, you should talk to your spouse. Find out what they think of the situation and if they believe there is anything worth saving of the marriage. With any luck you both agree that you both want to save your marriage and you decide to go forward together.
You are then faced with either trying to figure things out on your own, going for marriage counseling or searching online for one of the many ebooks that are available and that will answer your question “what can I do to save my marriage?”

If you opt for marriage counseling you should consider that this process can be long, expensive and you really have to be prepared to open yourself and your marriage up to an outside third party. Not only that, you have to be lucky enough to find a therapist who will gel with you and your spouse in order for the process to work really well.
You could both try to work things out between on your own and sometimes this can work really well. However, you should be aware that you do run the risk of making things worse because you might not be entirely sure what you're doing or how to go about it. Not only that, you and your spouse will naturally take your corners and hold onto positions that you have, whether they are right or they are wrong. It's human nature to protect yourself and that might not always be the right way for you to go forward to find ways “to save my marriage.”

The other alternative is to use one of the many ebooks that are online. This can really be a break through choice for a lot of couples because it usually involves going at your own pace, paying a one off fee and getting step by step practical guidance about how to really save the marriage.

Without a doubt it is always easier to have your spouse on side and the two of you rooting for the marriage, but choosing the right resource to save the union is also crucial!

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